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Low Carb Pale Ale

Following on from the success of our non-alcoholic pale ale Bare Beer, we are pleased to be able to release another beer centred on the ethos of inclusivity.  

Carbs are a family of nutrients found in lots of delicious things, including beer. When it comes to beer, these residual carbohydrates are leftover from the malted barley we use in the fermentation process. Whether you want to reduce carb intake for medical reasons or dietary, our Low Carb Pale Ale is worth a try. A beer that removes some of the carbs, while still being everything you want from a pale ale- tropical and hoppy aroma with great body, flavourful with a hint of maltiness, and a light bitterness to finish.   

Brewers notes:

We’ve approached this beer in a very different way to many of the other beers that we brew. In most beers, we aim to create a balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. However, in order to have low remaining carbs, we use a naturally occurring enzyme in the brewhouse to reduce all complex malt sugars into simple sugars, which are all fermented by the yeast. This leaves a very dry beer with extremely low remaining malt sugars, and therefore low remaining carbs. The risk with making a pale ale this way is that this dryness can create a beer lacking in body and mouthfeel, so we use a range of non-barley malts which contribute body through other means than residual sweetness.

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Nutritional information: