Our Beer

We are straight up in our brewing.

It’s a real privilege to make beer and gratifying to hold our day's work in a glass.

We want our beer to taste clean and to honour the ingredients. We are in to making styles that have been around for a long time and seeing how they turn out in our hands, and in our brewery. These beers have a heritage and yet making them up north will always give them an edge.

We drink this beer so it matters to us what is in it. No sugar, preservatives or colour. All our beer is unpasteurised which means a shorter shelf life and more vibrant flavour.

This is beer with roots. 

Off Cut range

Every month we are releasing 2 different seasonal beers.

The concept of the Off Cut series is to give our beer drinkers a bit of variation, engaging discussion and mystery as to what the next beer offering will be. And to give our talented brewers an outlet to brew styles outside of our solid, core range of beers.

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Biscuity pilsner malt and distinctive Motueka and Riwaka hops bringing aromas of lemon and lime. Nelson Sauvin for a tart gooseberry hit. Straw coloured appearance, brilliantly clear, with a long lasting white head. Crisp and bitter. Medium dry finish.

4.8% / On Tap / 500ml bottles / 330ml cans / 330ml bottles

Pale Ale

Citrusy hop characters, slightly floral, and earthiness from the Wai-iti hops. Golden in colour, smooth finish and moderate bitterness. Balanced.

4.5% / On Tap / 500ml bottles / 330ml cans


Pale golden colour with a foamy white head. Light biscuity malt notes carry the hops. A mix of American Citra and NZ Cascade hops give the beer a bright and vibrant citrus burst. Crisp and drinkable. Lower in alcohol than most IPAs.

5.8% / On Tap / 500ml bottles / 330ml cans / 330ml bottles

Session IPA

Lively, balanced and generous. This session ale packs it into 3.7% with tropical fruit aromas, sweet malt and full hop character.

3.7% / On Tap / 330ml cans

6 packs

To celebrate the season we are releasing both our Pilsner and India Pale Ale in this summer friendly format. They are now available in 6 packs of 330ml bottles. 

Pilsner 4.8% / IPA 5.8% / 6 x 330ml bottles

The Doctor

Toasty aromas, rich malts, light caramel and chocolate flavours. Dark brown in colour with ruby highlights. Reserved hop presence, just enough bitterness to carry the malt. Residual sweetness, lingering mouthfeel.

6.5% / On Tap / 500ml bottles

eXtra Pale Ale

It's literal - extra pale ale in colour with a foamy white head, light malt backbone, stonefruit aroma and lively hop character. 

4.9% / On Tap / 500ml bottles


Tropical fruit, citrus, and herbaceous character from the hops zing over a toasty malt base. Bitter and refreshing. 

7.3% / On Tap / 500ml bottles

Baltic Porter

A robust smooth Porter borne of pragmatic diplomacy in the Baltic States. Subtle roasted malts and aromas of dark fruit, toffee and berries. 

8.0% / On Tap / 500ml bottles